oh my oh my

less than 24hrs before we will climb the ladder onto the boat that will take us to tallinn, and then later by train to moscow.

i am getting scared!

yes it’s true. i haven’t packed, i haven’t got a backpack yet, i don’t know what to bring and most important of all, my economy is a bit sketchy.

so cross your fingers and hold your thumbs!

ps tonight i ate dinner with mattias, martin and ruben in a romantic greek restaurant. then later risk at martin ström’s house where petter lives now. nice night. but did i really have time for that? ahhhhhh!!!


victor says:

As orginized as usuall! Good luck luck to my fellow camraten. Your cube stills looks like a bomb hit it with unmixed napalm, just the styrofoam which is spread everywhere. Its empty in 53d and Nattis is still on a calling-spree, a lot of bonus for her this month. Peace and good luck my commie-basterd

Posted: December 14th, 2004 at 13:35

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