i just finished writing an offer (tender?) for a website. not an interesting day, woke up quarter to four in the afternoon and felt random. only time outside was to go and get some mexican food.

so, i rather talk about yesterday. during the day i rode the bike to a place where you could see almost all of san francisco and my gosh it was so beautiful. when i sat there i realised where the idea of sim city must have come from. i always thought sim city never corresponded with the world i was living in. the world was stockholm and the architecture and cityplanning differed so much from what i just now saw infront of me. what i saw was pure sim city, real.

later, when i sat down under a cherry tree in blossom in the big golden gate park i noticed something between my legs in the grass. a key chain! and it was the biggest one i have ever seen – even more keys than stacies! so i took the chain and wondered if they were the secret key chain for unlocking every house in town. tomorrow i am going to the police with it. hold your thumbs that i might get some finders money! i really need them right now…

another thing i have noticed is that people aren’t so fat here in SF compared to LA.


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