today i did what i always wanted to do,

i had pizza as breakfast in the bath this morning, together with wired, my re-discovered favourite magazine.

not so amazing is that the airline i tried to book a ticket through didn’t accept my visa security number, even though i gave them the right one. so annoying! so now i am on skype phone calling to my bank in london to see if everything is ok with the card. “i am sorry, all our representatives are busy but we will be with you shortly” for the last 10 minutes.

edit: after 20 minutes i got through and they said it was nothing wrong with my card…


Martin Ström says:

Ah! jag började läsa Wired i SF också och prenumerarar nu. Den är lagom geekig vs rolig!

Posted: March 28th, 2005 at 13:55

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