Trendy tour skating

For many years in hiphop / graffiti / skateboard culture it’s been hot to wear the backpack as low as possible, preferably on your ass. Now this trend has moved into the tour skating subculture!

Like hiphop fashion came out of function (kids wore baggy pants because they didn’t want their skateboards to hit them in the crutch and then suddenly everything became baggy, including backpacks), same thing happened to tour skating. Not from baggy trousers, though. No, this time it’s the backpack that has crawled lower and lower for each year now. This because when ice skating, you want to have centre of gravity as low as possible. Also when the backpack is lower, and you lean forward when skating, less wind stops by it.

Regarding tour skating gear fashion in general, one could start a whole blog discussing only that – it’s big!


Sampe says:

Hehehe! Snygg slalomkruka! Hahaha

Posted: March 27th, 2007 at 19:52

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