333. Unique name is everything

This is interesting. Today in this googled world you can't have the same name a anyone else. If you do, you're lost in google. I'm "unique" since there's no one else with my name on this planet. Yet. It's great when you want to be seen, but what if you want to disappear? I can't.

332. On the ferry

On my way out to Ornö. September 2006.

331. Sparkdräkt

Crayfish party in the archipelago, what more can I say? August 1999.

330. Jonas kontroll

Jonas Asp on his way to his second orienteering control ever. 1 May 2007

329. photoday

Hi, today I'm introducing a new part/tag on this site called "photoday" which is a selected photograph from my flickr archive of over 12000 photos. It can be new, it can be super old. Hopefully I'll post one each day. If you want you can subscribe to only this tag via RSS if you like. Here's that link. ...

328. Björkliden pictures

Yo! A few weeks ago I was up snowboarding i Björkliden. Unfortunately I had caught a cold just the day ...

327. New design!

Hey, look at that! What a new design! Well, I've been home sick for a week now so what can I say, I had to do something??

326. Horizon project

This is an ongoing project that started as one of my final projects at LCP/LCC in London 2004. ...

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