472. Orienteering and Quickroute

Most of you already know that I bought a GPS recently. Until now I haven't had any good applications for placing orientering routes onto orienteering maps. But last week Mattias Henriksson told me about this windows app called Quickroute made by Mats Troeng. It's a great little app where you just load ...

471. Hockey on lake

Just outside Zdar nad Sazavou, January 2008.

457. Orienteering route choice – GIS

Last fall me and my classmates at Stockholm University tried to figure out if it was possible to use GIS to calculate the theoretically best route choices within the sport Orienteering. Since the university is situated just north of Stockholm in the national park Djurgården which area is covered by an orienteering map, we decided to do the experiment ...

456. Bromma behövs till annat!

Alltså jag är chockad när jag läser att majoriteten av boende i västerort är för att Bromma flygplats behålls som den är. Jag förstår inte. Inte alls. Det går bara inte. Själv är jag uppväxt i Vällingby och hade brommaflyget över mitt radhus konstant i 18 år innan jag flyttade hemifrån. Mina föräldrar klagade hela tiden på brommaflyget. Grannarna också. ...

455. Johan is a lamp

Kungsholmen. December 2007.

454. Gingerbread houses

Joels house. December 2007

453. Grass

Hoarfrost. December 2007

452. Climbing Hammarbybacken

Hammarbybacken, December 2007

449. Some ice skating films

During the last weeks I've been ice skating a lot on lakes around Stockholm. Some people call it tour skating, ...

448. Brantevik horizon

Walking the shores of Brantevik. November 2007

444. Skidpepp, to the top!

The diagram above shows the visitor statistics for my ski blog skidpepp.se. As you can see ...

436. Heavy training week

The first two days of this week I had a soar throat so I rested from gym ...

435. Another bread recipe

This recipe is a hybrid between my mothers famous "opening party loaf" and Jackassbrödet. The problem with my mothers bread is that it's too good, and perhaps not super healthy since it's almost 2 dl syrup in it and only white flour. Her bread is only for special occasions and since I've started baking on a ...

433. Concrete wall

A beautiful concrete wall on Brännkyrkagatan. July 2007.

432. Testing quality of different video-sites

Trying out some different video-sites. Does anyone know any good ones? I want quality! Original movie:

423. Eniro goes Sim City

The other day the swedish mapping and search site eniro.se updated their maps pages with a new feature they call "utsikt" which could be translated to "view". This mode is some kind of perspective arial photographs and the first thing that I though of when I saw it was one of my favourite games Sim City! It's really cool, ...

421. Training a lot now…

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update of how my life looks like right now. ...

415. HöstVÃ¥g ’07

Little bit more than a week a go was my birthday, ant that means it's time for ...

416. Madebynoemi.com 3.0

A few weeks ago I finished the redesign of my friend Noemi's website madebynoemi.com. It's the second time I design this, last time the design was just an retouch of the first 1.0 design that I didn't do. This time we decided to redesign the website completely but keep the technology behind (wordpress with some plugins) so I ...

414. Airport

Airport in Ireland. April 2005.

413. Roger at Kräftskiva

Roger in a beautiful hat. Ornö August 2007.

412. Irkutsk

Someone I met in Irkutsk, Russia. December 2004.

411. In the shades

Me in Paris. May 2004.

409. Photo in a commercial

My friend Daniel Skoglund just made a commercial which included one of my photos from when I was up hiking ...

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