208. never ending drawing #1

Never ending drawing is a project I started in Stockholm five years ago. Inspired by Douglas Coupland's book Microserfs, Paul Auster's New York Trilogy and some drawings made by my sister I started mapping my movements in the city. I downloaded a map over Stockholm and pasted it into Illustrator and drew my movents in ...

141. swings

wtf??? we ended up in a club with girls in underwear in swings swinging back and forth??? christ! it was scary and sad, all together, so we had to excape manhattan and come home to brooklyn.

140. grand ave – day 2

hi there, it's seven in the evening and i haven't got out yet. woke up around five after a long long night with tom. first a drink with michelle and then dinner with john and kate and then we headed over to the bar royal oak. stayed until closing time and then afterparty in someones house. after that, around seven ...

139. first night in nyc,

look at me going!

138. SF – the map

as you can see, compared to LA, SF was a smaller and less spread out city with ...

121. 22nd

119. portfolio

as you can see on my movements below i haven't been out much. that's because i am working on my ...

118. disco

i am drunk so i will only write one thing: I HATE MASH-UPS (AKA BOOTLEGS, AKA "VS") ps. i love my dictaphone. it's helping me live. i feels like a shot for dudes with diabetes or how the caffeine is for the hooked.

117. 18th

115. map

the first thing i heard when i entered the club was freakin' caesars palace. but it got better. some good ...

114. 50% + 1

today when i was on my bike heading north i thought about how 50% of the human race (at least in the western world) are putting down 5-10 minutes or so every other day, shaving their legs etc. it's a weird thing, so as a respons to this behaviour i will also do something useless for a few minutes a ...

111. LA movements