342. Beginning of a long one

Tallin train station. December 2004.

162. virgina!

ok, so here's finally a report on the fraud(road) trip down to virginia. i could never imagine it would be so easy to scam the south like we did! the night before take-off, whilst in the state of drunk, we took our picture for the ID-cards we were going to wear during the trip. the picture chosen for me included ...

160. rythmol

my medicine is crazy: More common side effects may include: Constipation, dizziness, heartbeat abnormalities, nausea, unusual taste in the mouth, vomiting Other side effects may include: Abdominal pain or cramps, anemia, angina (chest pain), anxiety, blood disorders, blurred vision, breathing difficulties, bruising, cardiac arrest, coma, confusion, congestive heart failure, depression, diarrhea, dreaming abnormalities, drowsiness, dry mouth, eye irritation, fainting or near fainting, ...

159. another one

panic attack? i don't know what it is but i was feeling like dying again yesterday so i had to go and buy thai food to make it go away. didn't go out or anything - stayed home under the table trying to sleep. today i still feel weird but it's slightly better. trying to get hold of marta which is ...

158. my photos are here!

oh my god over thousand photos to go through. i love it! plus crazy times last nite: art openings, twofloors, dream bags, catch, mother, nærspel, bortamatch

157. london

you dirty filthy rat! yes, that's how london feels right now. i didn't know how much i really appriciated the smoking bans in new york until i came back london. it's fucking horrible!! all my clothes smells like a dumpster and uhh it's disgusting. but it was sure nice to see all my friends. did the classics: vietnamese, dream bags, mother. ...

156. fog!

i could never imagine i was going to post twice from ireland, but i did, because i am stuck here! the plane that was supposed to take us to london couldn't land because the fog was too thick! well, instead it flew to cork so right now we are stuck. so fucking 'british isles' i just want to die. thank god ...

155. europe – ireland

i am not in america anymore. as a matter of fact this is my first visit to ireland, but i am not really that excited. i miss america. i miss it lots. in two hours i will be on a plane to london. good old london.

154. 04.48AM

and it's time to go to sleep. for the last time in nyc. ciao!

153. final night

yes, tonight is my last night in the usa. then i will be heading back to the old world again. first london, then stockholm. i actually look forward to both places. right now i am tired and have to recharge my batteries so i can arrange some kind of going-away-party tonight.

152. vikings

today i saw an imax movie about vikings at the natural history museum. it's funny how americans focus everything on america, even thought it doesn't have so much to do with america. like this "documentary". all focus was on how leif eriksson discovered america and there were not much about their conquests in the east or europe. weird, but i ...

150. viet nam

tonight i saw this band play that were friends of some friends called viet nam. when they got on stage i got this strange feeling: the singer's black leather jacket had the same golden swords printed on the back that i've seen before. it took me a second or so when i realised that i've seen the same swords on ...

149. burapp!!

my first grime experience in nyc tonight, and it was a o k! not so many people showed up to one of the first grime nights in new york but i didn't care because i was in the front all the time. jon e cash was playing and also some sublow dudes. the music was fucking amazing. it was me, ...

148. sexual weirdness

ok, when i was younger i sometimes thought that i would be better suited as female. for some reason i had this romantic image of being a girl and how much better i would fit in that role. then now recently i've started thinking that maybe i should have become a boy anyway, but perhaps gay instead? that i base solely ...

147. i love it!

five oh clock and i am back in brooklyn - after an intense night here, and there. started the day with tom, allyson, tracy and daniel with some relaxation in the park. tracy and daniel left so the rest of us went to aligator lounge but their free pizza hadn't started yet so we went to another pizza place and got ...

146. scoop

please, rest of the world, you must follow this crazy good trend which is probably the best thing that happened bars since the beer was invented: two places (so far) in brooklyn has started giving out free pizza for every beer you buy! it's so fucking smart - and good!

145. panic attack?

hi, on my way home from the road trip i felt really weird. i was having the best time ever but on the road somewhere between there and here i suddenly felt like i couldn't breathe, or well, i could breath but it was like someone sat on my chest and my head at the same time. i thought i ...

144. konfabulator famous

a few days ago i decided too look if anyone had downloaded my small widget i made a year or so ago and gosh(!), so many've downloaded it! over 11300 downloads! i am so proud.

143. at last i got it

when i was in tokyo i fell in love with a down sweater from patagonia. when ...

142. y’all doin’?

just back from a very intense road trip down to virginia. i will write give you the long version later - it was a freakin' freak ride i tellya!

141. swings

wtf??? we ended up in a club with girls in underwear in swings swinging back and forth??? christ! it was scary and sad, all together, so we had to excape manhattan and come home to brooklyn.

140. grand ave – day 2

hi there, it's seven in the evening and i haven't got out yet. woke up around five after a long long night with tom. first a drink with michelle and then dinner with john and kate and then we headed over to the bar royal oak. stayed until closing time and then afterparty in someones house. after that, around seven ...

139. first night in nyc,

look at me going!

138. SF – the map

as you can see, compared to LA, SF was a smaller and less spread out city with ...

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