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  • Love Will Tear Us Apart

    11 januari 2005

    Some of you might recall back in 2002 when me and Lesley Pennert were rampaging abround Asia, a sudden split in our paths. Lesley jumped on that hard sleeper train and ended up freezing and broke in northern China and me, going on a pilgrimage in Tibet. When travel partners decide to go different directions, it does not mean they have had enough of each other or something like that. When one finds himself in a position where different choices can be made about iternary and the personal wishes differ from the travel partner’s, it is totally cool between the two because of some kind of subconcious understanding of each other’s different needs. This happens all the time and it is not about compromises but the fact that sometimes, one thing is more benificial for one person than the other. Other examples could be the Martin Strom – Emanuel Almborg issue where the two part but who I strongly believe remain friends today and that their partition was not the effect of a quarrel or arguement of some sort.
    Anyways, it is not sucha big deal this time, Oskar is still taking the boat, which leaves in five minutes at the time writing and I spend a few more yuan and take the next flight to Tokyo this afternoon. This was decided last night and this morning while listening to songs from David Lynch movies. I would rather spend a few extra days in Tokyo than on a boat becasuse I have to leave for London the 18th of January. Those capsule htels offer a good deal in Shibuya and I don’t even like boats!

    Oscar Carlson

    1 kommentar

    1. Job going in digital!!! Ho Ho HO! Happy New Year!

      /Stan Ford 2005-01-12, 16:50

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