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  • this weekend – valley style!

    14 februari 2005

    (i converted my text at http://www.80s.com/Entertainment/ValleyURL/ . everything turns into valley slang!!!!!)

    this weekend was a bitchin’ one.

    me and molly went to town on friday night. hello fever played. and also hidden cameras but unfortunately they played at the same time which sucked. i’ve seen hc before but not hello fever so i sticked to my friends. it was like, you know, totally awesome to see them and even though i heard their rehearsal before i was like, you know, positively suprised! Like, oh my gawd!

    at this place i saw a very beautiful person. but i couldn’t tell if the person was like, you know, a fox or a boy. i totally liked that. it turned out that it was like, you know, a girl. anyway, after gig like we ended up at kayes house and because i was like, you know, so keen on going to a diner i managed to convince everyone to go so like we went down to the nite spot on sunset. dj diner with bitchin’ food. i totally had a vegetarian BLT with fries!

    the waiter: “Like, duh! You know, you dweebs totally have a lot of fried food here!”‘

    saturday i met up with johan söderbäck and together with the rest like we went down to chinatown and the big chinese studly year parade – which was like, you know, a weird one. first 200 shoppers in the parade carried american flags in various sizes. then i was like, you know, expecting to see some chinese ones but they never came! Like, oh my gawd! i got all crazy like, you know, about it and tried to see atleast one throughout the day but i couldn’t see one single chinese flag at the chinese studly years parade!!! Like, oh my gawd! but it was like, you know, rad though. weird vehicles, misses, mayors and councilmen.

    aw, i am too tired for this writing so i’ll make it quick:

    me and johan spent most of saturday night walking. like we walked all the way to trader joes just to buy 2 dollar wine (which was like, you know, totally bitchin’ actually) and then back to kaye’s house. god dammit like we were tired. but there was like, you know, a party waiting for us. kaye was like, you know, very kind and drove us there because like we totally had no energy left. the party was like, you know, awesome, my first real keg party. it was like, you know, exactly like all the high school films except shoppers were 28 instead of 18. i was like, you know, talking to someone like, you know, about how the only perception i totally had of the u.s. before i came here (nyc not included) was like, you know, through movies and tv series. i never knew if that was like, you know, any truth or not. i still don’t know actually.

    slept at kayes house and woke up when the landlady came over and she was like, you know, a talker! Like, oh my gawd! oh dork she hung around for a while and when she left me and kaye took off on a nice bike ride. like we saw a couple – wait, last night i learned that “a couple” means two and not so much more so that would be wrong, lets say i saw some – totally nice old victorian buildings. then like we cycled all the way to, hmm, i forgot the name of the hood but like we ate super nice burritos. then i scoped an ugly pair of jeans in a thrift store and bought them.

    later like we rented some movies and drove over here to mollys house and saw them. it was like, you know, the valley fox and bottle rocket. valley fox was like, you know, amazing. the movie dealt with the difference between shoppers from the valley and the shoppers from LA. dork it was like, you know, totally awesome nicholas cage was like, you know, an LA dude. bottle rocket was like, you know, also bitchin’ but not as bitchin’ as wes’ other film, rushmore.

    ok i’m out

    2 kommentarer

    1. i’m sooo sure!!!!!

      /stacie 2005-02-14, 21:39

    2. hi there. we rode our bikes to los feliz (happiness) and ate at casa diaz (diaz’ house). i love their burritos (little donkeys). ha! my landlady and her son – chava (life) & shlomo (king solomon).

      /kaye 2005-02-18, 19:29

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