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    7 mars 2005

    there were some interesting stuff in todays LA times newspaper: an article about the ”sideshow” scene in oakland.

    ”with sexual explicit rap music thumping from oversized speakers, cars spun and fishtailed with passengers hanging out of open doors and windows, a move called ’spread your wings'”

    ”a dangerous and illegal frenzy of speeding and acrobatic driving perhaps best described as vehicular break dancing. ’sideshow’ means something to the side – on the side of the road and outside of the law. many residents say sideshow is a growing threat to people and property. participants, however, tout it as an oakland original: an artistic expression of controlled power – like riding a bull – and east bay hip-hop culture.”

    read more here

    according to the article, the police say it’s getting out of hand right now with shootings, stolen cars and crashes into peoples homes, and of course they interview an ”old school” sideshower:

    ”it used to be about candy-apple paint, loud music, guys trying to meet girls.[…] it used to be about doing perfect doughnuts for a big crowd , and feeling special. […] now it’s a different crowd [he says shaking his head] it’s something crazy, it’s ’anything goes.'”

    why am i talking about all this? well, if you read my old post about youth culture of today, this is definitely a new underground culture, that i, until today, didn’t know about, and i love it!

    i am not sure if i already said this but i have started reading microserfs again. and for the first time i noticed that i am at the same age as the main characters which i feel is a bit scary. for some reason i have always thought of them as some old geeks but now i am that old geek. ugh. i am feeling all weird.

    also i am very happy for the swedish track and field dudes who did very well in the european championship. gold, gold, silver and bronze.

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