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  • never ending drawing #1

    24 oktober 2005

    Never ending drawing is a project I started in Stockholm five years ago. Inspired by Douglas Coupland’s book Microserfs, Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy and some drawings made by my sister I started mapping my movements in the city. I downloaded a map over Stockholm and pasted it into Illustrator and drew my movents in separate layers each day. After two years I moved to Berlin and then London and continued the project there. Earlier this year during a trip I also mapped my movements in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

    My limitations are a defined area around the central parts of the city I am in. So if I go outside the ”borders” I don’t map it out. You could call it vacation. Since all the data is stored in vector format it is easy to work with.

    Here are some images based on my mappings. First out is Stockholm, Berlin and London on top of eachother creating a nice chaos.

    This is same as above but instead of outlines i have filled each day with a color with low transparency. Stockholm is green, Berlin is red and London is blue.

    mapping - filled

    16 kommentarer

    1. Cool. I don’t remember this from Microserfs, though. Only recently I found out that this is related to something called psychogeography.

      /Peter Lindberg 2005-12-08, 09:32

    2. No, it’s just the idea of trying to figure out if one has a life or not. In Microserfs he wrote a diary, here I mapped my movements to see if I did the same thing over and over or if it was actually something going on in my life.

      /oskar 2005-12-08, 19:42

    3. What a great personal project. I’ve featured you today on my design blog: http://www.graphicdesignbar.com/2007/05/never-ending-drawings.html

      /Kate 2007-05-17, 21:32

    4. deathly cool. i’m speechless

      /valen 2009-05-16, 05:53

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    10. Is it possible if you could sell me one of your water colors? I love to give it to my daughter, whom after a long day made a new trap with her wedge. At least if she comes home and sees it, she just might go back out the next day.

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