277. moscow!

We're here now. It's big. Very big. The maps show where we are staying right now. It's far out, but it's free!

276. Валдай

Hello again, friends. It was Eriks birthday yesterday and on our way to this town , I told him Valday was going to be the most beautiful settlement without any run down stalinist architecture, only nice old dachas. He didn't beleive me. He had completely lost his faith in finding anything clean or whole in Russia at all. He thought ...

275. st petersburg

Yes we are here now. I am fried from heavy partying yesterday... but I just want to let you know I'm alive and so is Erik. We found the cheap bus in Helsinki! 10 euros to go to St Petersburg from Helsinki! Incredible. Oh man I'm too tired to write more. bye bye.

274. to russia with love

In Less than an hour me and Erik are leaving for Russia! We're taking the boat to Helsinki and then bus to S:t Petersburg. Hopefully we'll find the cheap (as chips) bus! Some days in S:t Petersburg and then Moscow. I'll keep you informed here on what's going on over there. Ciao!