346. Boat in river

In the river by Irkutsk. December 2004.

43. power cut in russia

hey, i forgot to tell you (thanks marta!) but in irkutsk one night when we had a delicious dinner at the kalinka restaurant the power went out. since it was black outside it got black inside - i couldn't see my food but after a while they found some candles. then power came back and five minutes later it went ...

35. stud muffin

i am now officially worth hitting on in russia! yesterday i decided to let my big snowjogger sneaker shoes stay home and instead i wore my penguins. and what a change! instead of everyone looking at me and laughing, suddenlyt i found my self attractive! around nine or so in the evening after a nice dinner (pasta bulgaria) with beer in ...

34. photos

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33. roligt skamt

kom att tanka pa nar vi var i novosibirsk och oscar sa att stan och arkitekturen var valdigt lik stockholms. da sa jag," ja det skulle lika garna varit sibirien." hahaha!!

32. irkutsk

last day in novosibirsk was C O L D. the temperature went down to -29 just before we left the sinking ship for irkutsk. but i liked novosibirsk. the ballet was amazing. me and oscar celebrated with a big glass of champagne in the foaye for a dollar / glass be fore the show. a price i consider quite appealing. ...