511. Buoys outside Ornö

Ornö, february 2009

510. Ant-Hill

Fabulous ant-hill on Ornö, February 2009

509. Burned down forest

Ornö, January 2009

413. Roger at Kräftskiva

Roger in a beautiful hat. Ornö August 2007.

370. Johan’s new hair cut

Johan von Reybekiel at Ornö. June 2007

354. Let’s go out in the forest

Tobias and Emanuel at Ornö. September 2005.

352. Bongo Beer Boys

Tobias and Daniel on Ornö. Oct 2006.

332. On the ferry

On my way out to Ornö. September 2006.

331. Sparkdräkt

Crayfish party in the archipelago, what more can I say? August 1999.

292. Mitt liv som skärgårdsbo

Hej bloggen, nu ska jag berätta om mitt liv som skärgårdsbo. På vägen ut till Ornö ringer farsan och säger att båtnyckeln är borta. Jag har ingen aning om var jag kan ha lagt den helgen innan. Gubben är rasande, för han ska ju till en polare vid Björkösund och behöver båten! När jag kommer fram till huset har farsan dragit. Han ...

290. mushroom craze

Last weekend me and my fellow friends were out for some mushroom hunting and boy, did we find mushrooms or what!!

284. chanterelles

My second day at Ornö and I love it! Started the day with changing some windows with dad, ...

282. this city is too small for us

It's time for me to leave now. I am very tired of Stockholm. For me this city is smaller than the suburb I grew up in. It's like the population of Stockholm is around 30 citizens now. Ornö, where I'm moving to, has much as 200 inhabitants! Also tonight: The right wing parties won the elections. Fuck. Darn, I was ...

224. london!

I just came home from Ruff Sq concert and they were fucking awesome! I was screaming so much I lost my voice! Yes. And tomorrow I have my third exam. Essay exam. Four hours and two questions to answer. We'll see how it goes. I hope good, becuase I've been out at Ornö all week studying. After exams: London. That's ...