11. the beatboxing bus

ok, this has nothing to do with the trip but i just have to write about this: tonight when i was walking home from tesco liverpool street i took a short cut home on worship street. that's where all the buses are waiting for drivers before they take off south. as i passed one of the buses i noticed that it ...

10. plan

ok this is the plan. it will probably change a lot: december 10 - quit work 11 - ryan air to sweden 13 - boat over to either the baltic states or to helsinki then train to moscow 18 - leave moscow 19 - arrive perm 22 - arrive novosibirsk 26 - arrive irkutsk 29 - arrive ulan bataar january 2 ...

9. tonight

work today was fine. lot of staff asked me where i was going and why etc. the news of my resign moved like fire in a medieval london. i told them about trans siberian. after work my plan was to go to julias house to take a bath. but just when i finished, adam texted me and told me to come ...

8. quit 2

ok, so today i wrote my resign letter and handed it to my boss. apparently it's only two weeks notice so i was early!

7. viceee

nathalie took me to this vice party tonight. free booze and live bands. headlining did soundtrack of our lives. they were really good. ebbot, the singer, praised my heart during the show because he overheard us talking about my heart earlier during the night. that felt good. otherwhise it felt strange to be on a big free booze party in ...

3. quit!

yo, today i told my boss i'm outta there. or actually, i said that i was going to travel soon and because of that i think i have to quit. he was ok with the news so i guess they are used to it.

2. hello world!

ok, so here we go!