412. Irkutsk

Someone I met in Irkutsk, Russia. December 2004.

403. Look at those eyes

Erik Hartin in Valday. August 2006.

401. A photo at englishrussia.com

Haha I submitted a photo the other day to englishrussia.com and guess what, they published it on their site. Scroll down and you'll find it. (Clue: boat in car) It should be a photoday soon.

373. Smoke in Siberia

On the train to Irkutsk. December 2004.

351. Sweating russian

Oscar with a russian dude. December 2004.

285. Ryssland!

Det här är min dagbok jag skrev under min resa till Ryssland. Den kanske inte är så kul att läsa ...

277. moscow!

We're here now. It's big. Very big. The maps show where we are staying right now. It's far out, but it's free!

276. Валдай

Hello again, friends. It was Eriks birthday yesterday and on our way to this town , I told him Valday was going to be the most beautiful settlement without any run down stalinist architecture, only nice old dachas. He didn't beleive me. He had completely lost his faith in finding anything clean or whole in Russia at all. He thought ...

275. st petersburg

Yes we are here now. I am fried from heavy partying yesterday... but I just want to let you know I'm alive and so is Erik. We found the cheap bus in Helsinki! 10 euros to go to St Petersburg from Helsinki! Incredible. Oh man I'm too tired to write more. bye bye.

274. to russia with love

In Less than an hour me and Erik are leaving for Russia! We're taking the boat to Helsinki and then bus to S:t Petersburg. Hopefully we'll find the cheap (as chips) bus! Some days in S:t Petersburg and then Moscow. I'll keep you informed here on what's going on over there. Ciao!

43. power cut in russia

hey, i forgot to tell you (thanks marta!) but in irkutsk one night when we had a delicious dinner at the kalinka restaurant the power went out. since it was black outside it got black inside - i couldn't see my food but after a while they found some candles. then power came back and five minutes later it went ...

35. stud muffin

i am now officially worth hitting on in russia! yesterday i decided to let my big snowjogger sneaker shoes stay home and instead i wore my penguins. and what a change! instead of everyone looking at me and laughing, suddenlyt i found my self attractive! around nine or so in the evening after a nice dinner (pasta bulgaria) with beer in ...

34. photos

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33. roligt skamt

kom att tanka pa nar vi var i novosibirsk och oscar sa att stan och arkitekturen var valdigt lik stockholms. da sa jag," ja det skulle lika garna varit sibirien." hahaha!!

32. irkutsk

last day in novosibirsk was C O L D. the temperature went down to -29 just before we left the sinking ship for irkutsk. but i liked novosibirsk. the ballet was amazing. me and oscar celebrated with a big glass of champagne in the foaye for a dollar / glass be fore the show. a price i consider quite appealing. ...

31. Балет

merry christmas everyone! another day in the crazy cold. woke up with -27 C today. had a splendid hotel breakfast consisting of two slices of white bread, marmelade, rice and sausage + tea. i did not eat the hot dog. damn it was grosse. tonight we are going for some ballet here in novosibirsk. then later tonight we are leaving to irkutsk!

30. novosibirsk

sitting in a basement somwhere in novosibirsk. it is christmas eve and time is 10:47 local time. outside the thermometer has dived to -23 degrees celsius which means ten minutes in the cold and your face is practicly numb! my clothes hasn't let me down yet though - i am wearing almost everything i brought and it feels good. the ...

29. oscars fill in

this is some extra details i don't remember from the night. Oskar's memory stopped recordin after he said, oscar, look, I had 8 shots of vodka and I don't feel drunk, there is something wrong with me... He went to get another lab bottle filled with vodka. smashed one of the glasses on the table and screamed something he believed was russian. ...

28. new itinerary + more updates

so i screwed up. ok. yeah. hey ho. i am still in moscow. thanks to my heart oscar is losing time, which means we have to do some changes in the itinerary. next stop will not be perm, but novosibirsk. this means 3 days straight on the train. it will be a nice test for us, the longest ride for ...

27. listen to your heart

on the hospital journey around the world, it was time to check out the hospitals in russia. yes, my heart crashed again. three days ago we decided to go bananas. and we did. and i have learned one thing: never try to compete in vodka drinking with a sweaty russian, you will definitely end up in trouble. so we went to ...

26. бар и росски

ok, i love moscow. yeah, i love it so much!! sitting in a bar/internet cafe where you are supposed to dance, drink and surf at the same time. what a winning concept! oh, here comes oscar: he says: the girl we are hanging out with are talking to the head editor for playboy russia and that we are going to see ...

24. moscow

priviet! sititng in a cafe near Arbatskaya metro station in moscow. its cold but not to cold. its gray but not to gray. passing huge concrete prospekts earlier this morning we arrived in moscow around nine. the train ride was nice. no problem at the border at all. met some nice estonian/russians. apparently one of them was the best football player ...

13. visas

big day! after three days in a row of queuing outside the russian embassy, i finally manage to get the visa today. or atleast i think so. i didn't have enough money to pay for it (£78!!!!!). i didn't have time to go and take out money for it so oscar was going to do it for me. so hopefully ...