180. i got in

i got in to the course at stockholm university! first i didn't get in, because i didn't send them my old grades. then i sent an appeal and now today i got a letter saying i got in! wohoo!

179. simon and victor

testing to post through flickr. i am not sure what’s the ...

176. about the bombings

every day almost 50 people die from bombs in bagdad. in london it happened once (since ira times). i wonder what would happen if bombs started to appear more often in cities like london, if the world would stop caring about it like no one cares about baghdad anymore.

175. almost dead

yesterday i forgot my bag on the train. in the bag i had my laptop, camera, wallet and jacket. for almost two hours i thought my days were over, but then suddenly my phone rang and the person on the other side told me they have found my bag. thank you for honest people!

174. grimetime!

the other day i found this site that are supposed to be the first grime podcast. it's based in germany and are a collection of live mixes and other stuff. it could be better but i shouldn't complain about the first real crimecast, should i? and also they are using rss for it which makes it possible to subscribe ...

173. better news

just a few hours after the bombs blew off in london i got a edifying call from an organisation called HSB. they wanted to offer me a flat! yes!!! a flat, in central stockholm!! i know, it's hard to believe but yeah it's true! the first of august i am moving in to my new home on lundagatan 49 on ...

172. london

it seems inevitable to comment what's happened in london. less than a year a go i was living just a few blocks from where bombs where going off. that is scary. i remember everyone was talking about how london's going to be next but i was always like, "nah, not here, this city is to diverse and people are nice ...