399. Dad, statue and mom

Theodor and Agneta. April 2007.

398. Johan on ice

Johan von Reybekiel. February 2007.

397. Snowstorm!

Snowstorm on the way to Grönvallen. April 2007.

396. Modern museum toilets

Outside the toilets at Stockholm Modern museum. March 2007.

394. Ebba

Ebba at Zinkensdamms IP. December 2006.

393. Dataväska bortskänkes

Finfin DELL-väska bortskänkes. Perfekt om du vill att folk inte ska tro att du har en Macbook/pro ...

389. Planning painter!

I just have to show you these two amazing paintings by artist Susan Logoreci! I ...

388. Olga in my bed

Olga sitting in my bed. December 2006.

385. Rainbow mania

A rainbow just north of Sarek. August 2006.

384. Snow ice snow ice snow ice land

Outside the island Grinda. February 2007.

383. I love mountains

Between SF and Las Vegas. April 2005.

382. Jackassbrödet

This is my friend Johan's favourite bread recipe. According to him it's addictive! You need: rye flour wheat flour fresh yeast salt Add 6 dl boiling water to 3 dl rye flour. Forget about it for 1-24 hours (doesn't really matter). Then try to remember what you did yesterday. If you forget it for over a week, proceed anyway. Then put 50 g yeast, 1 Tsp ...

381. Sjukt bra radio!

Ikväll har jag varit hemma hos Sarah på födelsekalas för Joel som fyller 25. I slutet på kvällen, som för övrigt var väldigt trevlig, började vi lyssna på radio och hittade till 95.3, Stockholm Närradio som för stunden spelade (och fortfarande spelar) grym och gammal country/western. Nu är jag hemma och regnet öser ner. Tyvärr har jag ingen bra radio ...

380. Kass vädergrafik!!

De flesta som läser DN kan väl inte ha undgått att tidningen för ett tag sedan bytte grafik på vädersidorna. ...

379. American highway

Highway near Las Vegas. April 2005.

378. Me 2005

Me in Silicon Valley. March 2005.

377. oskarlin.com visitors map!

This map is taken from my Google Analytics page showing from ...

376. Jokken

In Sarek. July 2006.

375. Furillen mountain

Daniel trying to conquer the gravel mountain. ...

374. My Summer is Slow

Since this summer is the worst ever (due to my cold) I decided to make a mix for you that will reflect my situation in sound. It's a collections of songs that I like this summer. Some of them are from my friend Andrew's "mp3 blog" lovefingers.org. MixSet 3 - My Summer is ...

373. Smoke in Siberia

On the train to Irkutsk. December 2004.

372. Chronic cold?

Hi hello, this goes out to all my readers out there. I have a problem! I have now on and off been ill (cold) for over two moths time(!!) and I'm starting to get really bored and depressed because of it. I can't go out drinking, I can't bicycle, I can't walk up stairs, I can't go running, I can't ...

371. Oskar Dan Stellan

Taken at Fårösund, Gotland. June 2007.

370. Johan’s new hair cut

Johan von Reybekiel at Ornö. June 2007

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