698. Turning building polygons into point symbols with right angle using QGIS

Right now I'm working on a project where the scale is to small to use the actual building forms in the map. Therefore I have to convert these buildings into point objects which in the end will be larger than the actual buildings. First I calculate the area of each polygon and store that in an attribute field using the Field ...

600. Orienteering mapping on Mac: Creating a base map!

This is a tutorial of how to use a Mac for making a base map, based on LAS files, to be used when surveying orienteering maps preferably in Open Orienteering Mapper. First of all you need some tools: GDAL, NumPy and libLAS. In order to be able to install libLAS you ...

572. VSCO Kodak Portra presets vs my own

Taken with Olympus digital camera 1998 1997 I bought my first digital camera (above). Then a few years ...

550. Creating the Centrum of Centrum

My orienteering club Centrum OK has about 150 members at the moment and the name "Centrum" means center/centre. Today one member, Martin Lerjen, asked me if I knew the exact center of Centrum. I told him I once created a map when the club only had a few members but it was a such a hassle to get the ...

527. Reprojecting several shape files in a folder with ogr2ogr

Today I received a lot of shape files from Stockholm municipality. The files are all in a local projection, Sweref 99 18 00 and I need them all to be reprojected into Sweref 99 TM. Normally I use the GDAL tool ogr2ogr to reproject a shape file, but it would take all afternoon if I had to write ...

512. Roger singing

My friend Roger sings, Aspö june 2009

511. Buoys outside Ornö

Ornö, february 2009

510. Ant-Hill

Fabulous ant-hill on Ornö, February 2009

509. Burned down forest

Ornö, January 2009

506. GÃ¥sen

Hi! I just made a small slideshow of my view from GÃ¥sen where I was hut keeping!

505. Mikkastugan

Evening near Mikkastugan. August 2008.

504. Kattis last year

Kattis near Dammtorpsjön sep 2007

502. HöstVÃ¥g ’08

I did it again. I made a mix. A höst-mix. But I did it in the late ...

498. Slutspelsskägg (finals-beard)

Since I will be gone from civilization most of july and august I decided not to bring ...

495. LÃ¥ng-KM 08

Lång-KM nere i Lissma. Fin bana ritad av Joel Berring. Kom tvåa, trots jordens bom på tvåan. S-1 Valde att springa runt då jag antog att mina vader skulle behövas en hel del under detta lopp. 1-2 Jag vet inte vad jag sysslade med, men av någon anledning drog jag mig lite för långt till höger. Planen var att ...

494. Moving house!

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't updated this site for a while. My only excuse is time. There is not enough time! Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is this: yesterday I moved. From 30m² apartment to a tiny 21m² one on Rutger Fuchsgatan 7B near Skanstull! Right now the whole room is full with ...

492. Tiomila start


488. Dannemorasjön #3

Jennifer Pope resting. February 2008.

487. Enskedekampen 31 mars

Årets första tävling för min del. Trodde faktiskt inte ...

486. Kjell Swanberg RIP

Det var inte förrän jag lyssnade på P1 idag som jag insåg att DN:s NoN-kåsör Kjell Swanberg som nyligen avled var samma herre som gjorde åttiotalets bästa radioprogram Plattityder. Han var även medverkande i svenska MAD! Otroligt! Nu hoppas jag att SR börja sända repriser av plattityder igen på radion, inte bara i SR Minnen.

483. Sauna

Iside a sauna, Grönklitt February 2008.

482. Dannemorasjön #2

Reed. Dannemorasjön, February 2008.

481. Dannemorasjön

Reed, snow and ice. Dannemorasjön, February 2008.

480. Tour de Ski

Ski stadium Nove Mesto, January 2008

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