L.A. how are we?

oh man, after two hours in Los Angeles i have seen more weirdos than i’ve seen through out the whole motherfucking trip! and the beggers! kids in my age with a skateboard in one hand and an empty coke cup in the other. i am very excited but in the same time i feel sad. it feels like this country is slowly going into pieces.

anyway, i have met stacie now which is great. (johanna, she is not a 35 year old s&m male) right now she’s working in one of (few actually) the skyscrapers here in downtown which is nice, i like tall buildings.

i am a bit worried about my bomberjacket i bought in tokyo. i am not sure if it has the same strong connections with racism here as it has in sweden. well, we’ll see.

temperature is t-shirt.


johanna says:

Hi there,
nice to hear you have landed alright and everything turned out fine…
I am working with my exhibition, sitting in the studio right now, apparently “airported” in to some designers connection next door, hehe.
Well its a bit dificult to just ignore all poor people around. It just doesn’t work out for the swedish brain, maybe just as well.

Posted: January 26th, 2005 at 9:55

oscar says:

The kids are begging because they think its cool. Just like the weekend-homeless kids in NYC. No, probably not, what the hell do I know? The bomber is not connected to racism anymore, you make it that by not wearing it…


Posted: January 27th, 2005 at 11:09

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