don’t get sick in the u s of a

hi, i am going to tell you about american health care.

last week after listening too much to grime, my heart transferred into eski beat, so i had to go to the hospital. 24hrs in the hospital. this is what i got:

guess how much that costed me?
$10,697.00 !!!!!!! if i would have gone to a hospital in sweden it would have been $30. (i have insurance, i think)

ok, that was the hospital. then today i was going to see how much the medicine they want me to eat costs. another shock: $300 for a months supply of 2 pills a day of ‘rhytmol sr’. wohoo!

so, what do you choose? 75 channels for ten grands or no tv for 20 buck? i love sweden.


Martin Ström says:


Posted: February 16th, 2005 at 23:59

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