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  • Last days in LA – a summary

    16 mars 2005

    last friday i decided to go to long beach, so i did. took the blue line down. took about 50 minutes. nice ride through compton watts and other ”run down” areas. the thing is that those areas doesn’t look worse than any other place in LA.

    in long beach i had my first wal-mart experience and i must say it was a disappointment. it wasn’t so big. felt like going to B&W or Obs! in sweden. no big deal. but they were cheap on developing film though. $1,70 for a roll!

    after wal-mart i tried to find the beach but i never did. what i found was one of those pitoresque harbours made for tourists. they look the same all over the world: small wooden houses facing the water, between the houses and water a string of wooden floor. you’ll see it in long beach, you’ll see it in smögen, you’ll see it in bergen. kitch.

    from a distance i could see the famous queen elisabeth ship and behind it (bigger) was a new boat that could have been one of the silja line’s fleet, which spoiled the queen elisabeth-experience a little.

    when looking at all boats in the harbour (epecially small ferries carrying tourists) i thought about how boats look so much different from eachother compared to buses. buses look almost always exactly the same while ferries could look like anything.

    later that night i went to a show at the anti market with johan and his friends, who were very nice. on my way there we saw hundreds of bicyclers hanging out together. apparently it was the monthly bicycle night in LA and oh my god i felt like getting a bike and join them.

    the music the bands were playing at the anti market wasn’t my cup but it was fun hanging out in the street drinking 40s. i almost met a really cute girl there, too. the girls friends were afraid of the pepsi cola they just had bought at the market next door. the bottles were old and probably from mexico. they felt so ”valley girl” (pretty dresses and hair cuts) when they were holding the bottles with a piece of paper between their fingers and the bottle so they wouldn’t get dirty.

    got a ride to the short stop where i finally got hold of the manager so i could ask him if i had forgotten my camera there.

    my camera.

    i never wrote anything here about it but yeah, my slr dissappeared a couple of days earlier. i thought i forgot it at short stop and yes, so right i was! it was still there! in the managers office.

    on my way home i was thinking about how today when the globalisation has taken everything to everywhere you’ll find same producs and clothes etc in any city you go to so i thought the only different nowadays are the amount of stuff you’ll find. like, in LA there are 500 mexican restaurants perhaps and in stockholm only five, but they will still have one.

    i also saw three really cool girls on my walk home and man i wanted to be part of their bicycle gang. oh m an.

    saturday me and spencer drove around all LA to find halloumi cheese for the dinner i was going to cook later that evening. we had to go all the way to beverly hills i think to find some in a really posh market. spencer were pointing out all the boob jobs and facelifts among the customers of the shop. fucking creepy.

    the dinner was nice. everyone came over including the legowelt dude + friend that were in town. big feast: falafel, halloumi, hummus, babaganouj etc. yum!

    slept at spencers’ that night because of the full house at stacie/kaye’s.

    sunday we went to astro burger and god it was so crazy we ended up just infront of kayes car on the road there and then on our way back too (even though we went to sav-on.)

    at save-on i finally picked up my heart medication rhythmol! this means i hopefully don’t have to go to the hospital if my heart go weird. i just have to take four pills and then hopefully i’m fine.

    called the girl who was going to take me up to SF on monday but she had changed her mind and decided to go this sunday night, in only one hour! so i threw my stuff down into bags and said good bye to stacie and kaye and one hour later i was on the 5 heading up to SF. it was a scary drive because it was soo foggy that you coudn’t see the car infront of you, just the red lights. at three in the morning we arrived to oakland.

    one funny thing was that i left just a few hours after i heard my first shooting in LA, actually in echo park near ”our” house. five minutes later the choppers came with big lights scanning the area. scary and a little bit exciting.

    4 kommentarer

    1. wanna be part of the bike gang check out http://www.bikesummer.org to see what its all about. What you saw ride by was the monthly Midnight Rydazz ride.

      -see you in the streets

      /camryn b 2005-05-23, 12:25

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