active timer

found a pretty amazing app yesterday through a blog – forgot which one though.. sorry. but it’s called active timer and is a tiny app showing how much time you’ve spent in each application. this is of course not only great for me – the documentation junkie – but also for people who needs to track how much time they spend on each project, etc. it’s kind of scary to know exactly what you’re doing – almost like the book oskarlin1.0 i wrote where i wrote down all of mine and my friends’ dialogue for a few days. no pretty sight.

anyway, the developers description:

“A small, lightweight application timer for OS X. It keeps track (in increments of five seconds) how long you spend in each application. I wrote this to keep track of how long I spent working on various projects, as opposed to spending time on things such as checking e-mail.”

download link

i will return with a report on my statistics soon


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