I have been to a funeral. My uncle Herman’s. It’s weird, I have experienced a lot more funerals through the tv show Six Feet Under than in real life (only three), and that has made me think that funerals are not that sad. Before we walked inside the chapel me and my sister were just joking and hanging out like anyday, but as soon as I entered the building it was like someone punched me in the face, stomage and heart – all at the same time – Bang! I woke up! Here I was standing looking at my uncle’s coffin surrounded with flowers. I just started crying immediately and had to walk outside to breathe some air (we were 30 minutes early so I thought this could wait for a while). The cermony was amazing and I think I have never felt so sad before, it was horrible. Fuck, I will miss my uncle Herman.

Even though those few hours were very hard, the rest of the weekend has been really nice. I’ve met relatives, friends of Herman who has showed so much love for him, man, Herman was LOVED.

One thing I didn’t know before he died was that he had a lot of problems with alcohol, and even my other uncle has had some too, and this made me thinking. I have never been worried about being an alcoholic because all the anti-alcohol ads tells you that it’s so much easier to become an alcoholic if there are relatives who’s been alcoholics and I didn’t think they existed in my family but hey that wasn’t true. Well, I am back in Stockholm now and I need to go dancing!


mdc says:

my condolences to you and yours for your loss.

i agree with you, i’ve been to a few and no matter what your mood is outside of the funeral it always changes the moment you walk inside.

Posted: December 1st, 2005 at 21:30

Peter says:

Hej! Detta var trÃ¥kigt att läsa…har oerhört fina minnen av Herman. Vi seglade isbrytare ihop och han var en mästare! jag lärde mig enormt mycket av honom. Mvh! /P

Posted: December 25th, 2010 at 18:36

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