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  • Ice skating!

    15 januari 2006

    (Click on the image to see film)

    Today I finally managed to go ice skating on a lake, and it was amazing! Since it’s been pretty cold last weeks and no snowing the conditions were perfect – some parts of the lake was just like a mirror! Me and my dad took the train out to Kungsängen and skated all the way up to Sigtuna where we had coffee in a small, cute and very old coffee hut called tant brun, together with a really nice couple that joined us from Kungsängen. Now I’m all tired but I have to study…

    Remember to look out for some photos from today at my flickr account.

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    1. […] The main concept of the poster is that we would like to have an audience that are more into the music than into the whole lifestyle of clubbing. I mean people who maybe have other interests than just trying to be trendy but still a genuine interest for music. Therefore we decided to do posters that were just big portraits of people in nerdy situations/doing hobbies etc instead of some cool graphix or whatever all posters look like today. The photos will also follow the season so for each month we will (hopefully) move towards spring, it will be visible in the posters. With the first two posters we didn’t have time to arrange any shoots so we had to go with photos I already had taken. The first one shows my friend Karl playing with a detonation device in the snow (he likes exploding stuff), and the second is me putting on my ice skates last weekend while ice skating with my dad. […]

      /oskarlin » Blog Archive » SMET 2007-05-17, 23:18

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