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Ok, today I allowed myself some treats. Treats that were all really good deals! Look at the nice prices above! I got everything for almost half price! Wohoo! Just because the ice skating season is over. So if you are in Barkarby sometime soon, go to InterSport and get the gear! And also, prices are in Kronor. $1=8kr

For you who doesn’t know what above is, this is stuff you need when ice skating outside a rink. The item at the top are brand new ice skates, preferably used on frozen lakes (see last post). Together with the item bottom left (bindings) and my old ski boots they will be great. Poles in the middle are used for two things: 1, like ski poles – you push yourself forward and 2, to check how thick the ice is by hitting with one pole, really hard. Last but not least important is the safety rope (right). This is very handy if the ice breaks and someone falls into the lake. It works similar as those you see at the beach or bridges.

Well, ahhh, I’m happy from shopping. Too bad the season for ice skating is over. I have to wait until next winter, but I might go out and skate the very warm ices one day this week just to try out the gear. Hopefully I won’t die. If I don’t die, I promise to give you a little review.


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