Shimura CurvesI’m Not Afraid

My first mp3 post will be about the lovely band Shimura Curves that I found a few months ago through the splendid Fluxblog. I don’t know much about the band more than that they are all girls and based in London. According to their myspace page they are playing “pristine electro pop”. I would simply call it new pop. Yes, new pop, because that’s what I feel when I listen to the amazing I’m Not Afraid. What I mean by new is hard to describe without sounding a bit stupid, but It’s just an overall feeling of newness. New new new. ehhh.  

Well, the reason I chose Shimura Curves to be the first out here, is because this song has been in the top of my most played songs in iTunes since i got my new computer a month ago or so. I just can’t get enought of it!

If you like the song, check out their Myspace page for more downloads!


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Posted: December 28th, 2010 at 3:18

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