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  • nite in moscow

    2 september 2006

    At seven in the morning after a whole night at this awesome club on a roof , we took a ”cab” home. Suddenly during the ride, the driver (which is in his 40s) puts in a CD and then boost not only the volume up, but also the speed to around 100km/h (this is on the streets in central moscow). The music that comes out of the super loud speakers is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and the driver shouts in bad english ”This is good music!!”

    I love Moscow.

    2 kommentarer

    1. U r lucky. Cuz usually drivers aren’t so kewl in Moscow.

      /sudiv10 2006-09-02, 20:57

    2. KRUDA!!! Fan vad jag är avundsjuk! Igår var jag i Dudley, norr om Birmingham, jag lovar, det är värre än värsta Ryssland. Det var inte smutsigt men bara tomt och tragiskt.

      /oscar 2006-09-03, 12:10

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