Hi, last night I was bidding on an amazing jacket from Patagonia called Jetstream. It’s a lightweight hardshell perfect for hiking and crosscountry skiing. Since the auction ended at 5 am I had to wake up just for the auction but just when the auction ended I had forgotten about the auction and sat surfing on some random site and I lost the jacket. The price was a third of retail price and it was completely new. Oh man it was such a bummer. These jackets appear on ebay only once a month or less, and almost never in my size!!!

Now you know that.

Also I would like to tell you that I lost my phone last week so you can’t call me. If you need to get in contact. Just email me.


Joelle says:

Sounds like you need

And Hi! So sorry we missed you in London. Very sad.

Hope you’re well and enjoyed all those mushrooms!

I’m just planning a proper honeymoon for Adam and – maybe to San Francisco, LA and Mexico in the spring. Eeeee!

Happy Christmas!

Posted: December 19th, 2006 at 18:42

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