Heavy training week


The first two days of this week I had a soar throat so I rested from gym and orienteering until thursday. It was good idea since I got better and could start exercise again.

Instead of just running, Fredrik had decided that we should have a more “strengthness” training. We did weird jumps, crawled, pushups, short runs, backward running, high knees etc. It was fucking horrible! I was so tired after that.

Early in the morning I had an appointment with my physiotherapist so another hour in the gym. I decided to not train the muscles that were smashed the night before.

Orienteering competitition in Rönninge south of Stockholm. When we got out there in the suburb it was 2 cm of snow on the ground!! The race was medium distance 4.5 km and didn’t look that hard when I first saw the map. But that was before I saw the HUGE hills I had to climb. Holy fuck I had to walk all the uphill slopes. I just couldn’t run. My legs said: “No thank you”.

Another competition down in Rönninge. This time long distance. 9.6km. Now when I knew there was some climbing ahead I decided to make small detours around the hills as much as possible, and that was actually not a bad idea. The only time I climbed a big hill I was so tired I missed the next control by over five minutes. So frustrating!! Anyway, I manage to find it and then after that it felt better, even though people passed me, running a lot faster than I did. Even though I did the big mistake I manage to beat Joel by 1 minute!

When I got home I rested some and then me and Aron headed down to Zinkensdamms sports ground where they have put ice on the football field. I tried out my new Ice skates and they were great. But after just a short while my thighs told me to go home and sleep. I decided to give my soul something first so I had a pint of ale in the pub before I headed home.

Now I’m so tired and soar I think I will sleep for a week.


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