Slutspelsskägg (finals-beard)


Since I will be gone from civilization most of july and august I decided not to bring any shaving equipment at all. In sweden ice hockey players use the term “slutspelsskägg” (finals beard) when they reach the finals and they don’t shave until they either are beaten or win the tournament. I’ll do the same.

How will I look like with 1.5 month of no shave? We’ll see!

By the way, here’s what I will be doing:

• 19-26 july: O-ringen orienteering
• 1-12 aug: Hiking in Sarek
• 17-18 aug: Conference with my new job
• 20 aug-6 sep: Hutkeeping Gåsen in the Jämtland mountains

Update: Photo above was taken 31 july. Just an hour before train up north.

Update: Photo above was taken 12 august. The day I came back from Sarek.


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