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    12 november 2004

    nathalie took me to this vice party tonight. free booze and live bands. headlining did soundtrack of our lives. they were really good. ebbot, the singer, praised my heart during the show because he overheard us talking about my heart earlier during the night. that felt good. otherwhise it felt strange to be on a big free booze party in london. i am not really used to it. special and beautiful people all over the place. usually (in swe) i know them or some, but here i didn’t know a dude, except for recognising the whole griffinstaff. i also ended up in the VIP room. from the VIP room you could get even further to the very VIP room which was more like a brothel. i wasn’t there. but i met a nice dude from montreal. he tried to convince me to not to move to us, but to canada. we’ll se about that.

    now i have to sleep, because i have to be at hoxton sq by ten.

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