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  • tonight

    14 november 2004

    work today was fine. lot of staff asked me where i was going and why etc. the news of my resign moved like fire in a medieval london. i told them about trans siberian.

    after work my plan was to go to julias house to take a bath. but just when i finished, adam texted me and told me to come to 2 floors where oscar works. i cycled there. had a orange/pineapple juice and then cycled east again. the bath was going to do good to me. i went to julia’s and the bath was just great. i love baths. baths on my own. with an open window and HOT water. after bath julia manage me to agree to join her to some warehouse party in dalston. after a few moments i was dancing to blue monday with a bottle of rum in my right hand. not bad for thinking ”i am staying home tonight.” later oscar came with crowd and for the first time in my life, i think, someone told me i had very nice hair. thank you, person. then someone told me i look like a young christopher walken. well the person didn’t say that really, the person said anthony hopkins in deer hunter. i couldn’t really understand who that was but when the person said ”the guy who shot himself in russian roulette” i understand who it was. it was christopher walken. now it’s 5AM and i am working soon. good night/morning

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