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  • last supper

    6 december 2004

    two and a half years ago i arrived to the ditch on this island. one year later i discovered that the ditch had more to give than just concrete and hipsters – the vietnamese restaurant tay do cafe. that’s two very important dates in my life. and now it’s time for another one. on saturday i will be leaving you.

    therefore, this friday (10 dec), i will be having the last supper. yes, since i am not sure if or when i will come back again, i would be very grateful if you could attend. so join me and oscar (wo is also leaving, but don’t worry, he’s coming back) for a big feast at the tay do caf on 33 (i think) kingsland road.

    feast starts at eight.

    i also have a request. you know that i am going travelling, and while travelling it is very important to have good music with you. that’s why i would like to ask each one of you for a cd containing your favourite music. thank you.

    please let me know if you are coming or not by sending me a message or call me! – i have to book a big table or the whole restaurant?

    ps. tell your friends that are my friends too.

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