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    12 december 2004

    ok, i am back in stockholm now. it feels very strange. my body aches from rough partying last night of london living and from not knowing what’s next. i managed to forget some stuff in london of course. one thing was all my medicine and toilet stuff + 60 days of mulit-vitamines etc. extremely irritating. because i am leaving this town before it’s possible to receive any mail from london i just have to forget it.

    last day in london was great. first a chilled day at work. michael palin came to sign books and the queue stretched around the whole block. last person in the queue was victor so i joined him in with a portion of fish and chips. later on i decided to try out a camera (minolta 7000i) i might buy from paul in digital department. i took a roll of film and the pictures turned out fine so i decided to buy it! £50 incl case. after work i took my work mates to the pub the two brewers. robin came aswell. when i was sitting there i realised that i had lost my other camera (the yashica) so before i went back to shoreditch i had to go back to work again and look for it. and i found it phew!!

    cycled back home. my cycle felt like a sinking ship and one more day on it and it would be dead. well, actually it’s only the back wheel that were crazy but it made the whole experience not worth it. came ten minutes late to the vietnamese where only oscar and chelsey had arrived to. everyone else was late. but within an hour we were over twenty people on this long long table and the feast begun. i order too many dishes but it was ok, in tay do cafe you shall share!

    the bill took ages to clear out but finally we made it and headed down to shmerts, the russian/polish bar next to our house for more drinks. marta insisted of buying me vodka shots of various polish brands. dangerous so when they closed and we headed up to our flat again it was impossible to pack so we started partying as if it was year 2999. my speakers played twin peaks together with dance music which made it very absurde, but good! around that time my memory starts to swing and i don’t remember it all.


  • when victor and simon started inhabit my mini cube and i fill it up with styrofoam. it was a beautiful sight.
  • when i stood on the table and marta pushed me so i fell and landed on my left butt, it still hurts.
  • trying to pack during rude partying. almost impossible.
  • anyway, suddenly the time was in for leaving the other sinking ship (the flat) so i took my stuff and headed out from the flat together with a couple of people. i think it was oscar, victor, robin and marta, but it might have been more. they all helped me carry the stuff to the station. i was very drunk. we manage to get the train in time and headed north to stansted.

    at stansed we realised that we were late. very late. came almost too late to the check in. they asked oscar if he was on something, he said he had some drinks before. they never asked me anything, it was too late for that now. instead of having to pay extra for the 22kg suitcase they just said ”there is no time, just go!” so we ran to the fast track where the queue were almost as long as the regular one. but eventually we got to the gate and were the last to board the plane.

    it took approximately one minute after take off for me to fall asleep. slept all the way to the landing, which makes this flight the shortest for me in history. oh my. bus to västerås where we took the train to stockholm. sat next to a gang of middle aged couples who were going to stockholm to see björn skifs. they were all drinking martini and beer. i was so hungover so it was not a pretty sight.

    dad picked me up at stockholm central and oscar got picked up by his mother i guess. now i am sitting in the basement waiting for my brother and his kids to arrive. it’s ginger bread making day!

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