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  • бар и росски

    16 december 2004

    ok, i love moscow. yeah, i love it so much!!

    sitting in a bar/internet cafe where you are supposed to dance, drink and surf at the same time. what a winning concept! oh, here comes oscar: he says: the girl we are hanging out with are talking to the head editor for playboy russia and that we are going to see some death metal band on saturday. i think its time to go.


    3 kommentarer

    1. I would like to see you in playboy, but it´s not worthy I guess.

      /martin 2004-12-18, 12:33

    2. Im disappointed in not comming with you guys… Ahhh, instead Im in my cube writing a dissertation. Playboy girls from Russia, like a dream, death metal concert in Moskva, better than a dream. Send me photos… Peace

      /victor 2004-12-19, 17:23

    3. well, we never went to the concert. it was sold out. instead we went to a free booze party at some photographers agencie or something. i had so much cheese!!

      /oskar 2004-12-21, 09:04

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