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  • listen to your heart

    21 december 2004

    on the hospital journey around the world, it was time to check out the hospitals in russia. yes, my heart crashed again. three days ago we decided to go bananas. and we did. and i have learned one thing: never try to compete in vodka drinking with a sweaty russian, you will definitely end up in trouble.

    so we went to this bar. it was gogol number one on arbat [?????]. we drank beer and vodka shots and since i already ate earlier in the evening i only ordered in some chips. i remember i stopped counting my lemon pieces next to my vodka glass when they were around eight of them (you drink it like tequila in sweden, except for the salt). i probably drank eight more, but i don’t remember that. according to the others, i was drinking and chatting a lot with a russian that was sweating all over. i remember i was dancing with creelea, but then after that everything is black.

    i will now quote scipio, simone’s (of whom we stay at) boyfriend:

    in the real morning infront of gogol: karlin has puked all over the place and the bouncers asked us friendly to leave and he has fallen down the stairs [the bar was on second floor]. i wanted to help him but he refused since he still thought he’s ok.
    scipio: well boy how is it going?
    karlin: i’m so fucked.
    scipio: …
    karlin: i’m so fucked man, but happy!
    scipio: hm
    karlin: one of my goals on this trip was getting drunk for real, you know.

    anyway, i think creelea took me home in a cab and let me sleep in her bed and she stayed on the floor. that was so sweet of her. well, so i woke up in the afternoon on sunday realizing my heart was doing reggae again. doh!

    oscar and creelea joined me to a clinic where i spent almost 24 hrs trying to get converted. but my heart just didn’t want to be converted. at some point a new doctor came in (she was from sidney) and started talking about maybe sending me to another hospital or perhaps shipping me back to sweden. when i heart all that horrible stuff my heart just went back to normal again!! this means my heart is really on my side, just a bit irritated that i boozed up so much the night before.

    well i only have one thing as a defense for my actions and that’s that i started taking this medication during this summer and i thought my heart was doing fine now with that but apparently not. so from now on. no drinking competitions with russians.

    today we are hopefully taking the train east towards novosibirsk. since my little incident we decided to skip the city of perm.

    one thing that happened to me during my stay at the hospital was that i was constantly thinking about my ex girlfriends. i fell asleep, dreamt about one of them, woke up and could not stop thinking about that person until i fell asleep again and dreamt about another one. it was really weird. this might have something to do with that the girls in moscow are the highest concentration of beauty i have ever experienced. it is crazy. so crazy.

    well now we have to leave this place that has been our home since we arrived to moscow. it has been amazing and very fun hanging out with our new friends and i hope they will still be here if i move here. yes, might consider moving here in the near future, this city is crazy!

    ps. later i will let oscar write about the hours i was not in the best shape.

    8 kommentarer

    1. oskar!
      i definately will never see you again if you die on the way.

      /Anonym 2004-12-21, 11:34

    2. you are a crazy motha fool. competing in vodka-drinking with a russian can never turn out good. the first day of my visit to russia, when i was around 16, i puked that same night i arrived to my hostfamily, and this was against a girl.
      i got the ipod socks yesterday.
      take care and be careful… peace

      /victor 2004-12-21, 12:40

    3. telefonen är nu avstängd… faaaan

      /victor 2004-12-21, 14:01

    4. take it easy!

      /martin 2004-12-21, 14:05

    5. Va faan oskar, vad är det jag läser. Ge faan i starksprit, basta! Kom just ihåg att du sänt länken till den här sidan, gick in och fick världens chock. Du kan inte bara leva på bröd och chips o gud vet vad som är ”vego”. Det räcker inte, funkar inte. Du måste äta riktig mat, inte bara kolhydrater!!!! sprit är oxå bara kolhydrater.
      När kommer till japan ska du iallafall få äta upp dig på näring. Jag längtar. Många, många julkramar från mig. Är det inte grymt att slippa Tullinge pendeltågstation på julafton…

      /johanna 2004-12-21, 14:40

    6. syrran! jag ater bra! var inte orolig. spriten ar over! jag trodde verkligen att medicinen jag ater hade fixat mitt hjarta… men men. at precis en sallad med broccoli och blomkol samt sparris. har kopt upp mig pa massa kol och frukter infor den langa resan oster ut. aker till novosibirsk ikvall!

      /oskar 2004-12-21, 15:14

    7. Oskar! Ta det lugnt va!

      /Mia 2004-12-26, 12:40

    8. […] I get a lot of different … Then I have to order my hostfamily this hope. But it is too late as …oskarlin Blog Archive listen to your heartthree days ago we decided to go bananas. and we did. and i have learned one thing: never … 16, i […]

      /hostfamily 2010-04-04, 10:25

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