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  • new itinerary + more updates

    21 december 2004

    so i screwed up. ok. yeah. hey ho. i am still in moscow. thanks to my heart oscar is losing time, which means we have to do some changes in the itinerary. next stop will not be perm, but novosibirsk. this means 3 days straight on the train. it will be a nice test for us, the longest ride for me before was 22hrs – stockholm to bjorkliden.

    we are leaving around eleven tonight.

    i wish i could describe this city with words but i can’t. it can’t be described in words. please all you who are curious, go here!

    just a few things about the architecture/urban planning:

    oh and i forgot, we went ice skating in gorky park on saturday i think. all the walkways were filled with ice so you could skate the whole park. and we did. we even travelled the big ferris wheel with ice skates on. wowow!

    it would be a lot easier if i ate meat but i stick to my vegie diet. the only thing is that i raised my intake of fish due to lack of beans and stuff. well actually there are beans, but not super easy to find. most of the shops in moscow are not like a convenient store where you walk around and pick up what you want and then go to the counter, here instead each big shop is like a hall with hundreds tiny kiosks/counters with food behind (like saluhall in sweden, i don’t know the english word for it) which means you have to walk around and try to speak russian with so many people and it’s hard because i don’t know any russian.

    i love this place. i am talking about the bar i am in. you order food from the website and they give it to you a few minutes later. i just finished my salad with broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus. very tasty!

    today we went to a big book store where i got a swedish russian dictionary and some maps. they had a quite good selection of maps but of course not one of novosibirsk, just irkutsk, our stop next after novosibirsk. our friend creelea has some friends from novosibirsk so hopefully we can contact someone to hang out with there. also in irkutsk lena has some relatives we might see. we’ll see.

    well that’s all for now. i miss you london. and the people of stockholm.

    ps. they are playing superpitcher here right now

    3 kommentarer

    1. Oskar had meat when he was drunk, he said, f**k this shit, give me some meat. He had mutton shashlik.

      /oscar 2004-12-21, 15:50

    2. no way!!!! he is lying!!!

      /oskar 2004-12-21, 15:53

    3. i knew oskar couldnt hold it any longer…

      /victor 2004-12-21, 20:57

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