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  • oscars fill in

    21 december 2004

    this is some extra details i don’t remember from the night.

    Oskar’s memory stopped recordin after he said, oscar, look, I had 8 shots of vodka and I don’t feel drunk, there is something wrong with me…

    He went to get another lab bottle filled with vodka. smashed one of the glasses on the table and screamed something he believed was russian. His pile of lemons reached new heights and he decided to dance, first he wanted to play table-icehockey with the bull-like bouncer but was told he could only do that when it wasn’t dark. He danced like an egyptian, robot, kosmonaut, taikonaut, casanova, gypsy, Elvis, Rasputin and Dracula as he bit Creelea on the arm. He also tossed her around like he was dancing with a broomstick. Then he came back for more vodka and me managed to convince the sweaty russian to join us to Perm. Oskar disappeared for a while and then came back with a sad look. He had lost his camera. We found it in his pocket but he still had a sad look. It turned out to be the vodka that backfired on him. It snuck up on him like a samuraj. He sat down and said water, water. I gave him some bottles and five minutes later, the bouncer tapped on my shoulder and told me that we have to leave. He pointed at a booth and there was oskar sitting next to his puke. Oh no.. I’m not sure what time it was but I would guess on 4am. We were meant to go to other places but realised that we were probably too drunk to get in anywhere because on the hard ’face control’ in moscow, my god, people get in anywhere even if they dress like the bullied kid in your 4th grade… Anyways, Oskar made his way out. I did not witness this but judging by Chipios statement it was not a smooth ride… Oskar complained about a pain that reached from his hip to his head, that had swollen to strange proportions. I too trembled down the stairs to find a pale Oskar next to another puddle of puke. He was talking nonsense and was taken home. The rest of the bunch went to hard rock cafe and I was so close to buy a t-shirt. Thank you god. The vodka caught up on me as well and I threw up from a taxi. Dazvedanjah!

    thanks oscar!

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    1. thank you!

      /site admin 2005-07-09, 05:09

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