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  • stud muffin

    29 december 2004

    i am now officially worth hitting on in russia!

    yesterday i decided to let my big snowjogger sneaker shoes stay home and instead i wore my penguins. and what a change! instead of everyone looking at me and laughing, suddenlyt i found my self attractive! around nine or so in the evening after a nice dinner (pasta bulgaria) with beer in plastic bottles, a girl fronted me with a piece of paper. i didn’t understand a thing, because she only spoke russian. she gave me the note and then blushed and ran back to her table and her friends. a few minutes later they left.

    on the not there was a name, an address and a telephone number! so cute i almost died and forgot that they were airing fashion tv russia on the plasma screens in the cieling. i really would like to call this girl but i can’t because it wouldn’t make any sence. she doesn’t speak english and i don’t speak russian, yet!

    we also met the first tourist today. the fist during our whole trip! and guess her nationality? well the brand on her jacket was haglofs. yes you guessed right. a blonde girl from norrkoping, sweden. it was very nice to speak swedish to someone else for a change. very nice.

    another fun thing that happened the other day was on our way home. we wanted to take a cab to our hotel 25 minutes walk away uphill in -28. but the driver wanted 100 rubles and we only wanted to pay 50, so we refused and walked home. half way home we realised that we were arguing about 6 SEK/ $1. well well, it was a principal matter.

    7 kommentarer

    1. Wow how flattering. tell me about the lovely food there?

      /stacie 2004-12-29, 22:56

    2. the food, well, tonight i had borsch and some blinis with melted butter. it was a bit hard to eat because the power kept running out all the time so the room got pitch dark…

      /oskar 2004-12-30, 12:01

    3. nice metro in moscow

      /martin 2004-12-30, 21:14

    4. Happy New Year Oskar! Don’t drink too much vodka now! we have a bottle of Absolut so will think of you. Happy New Year to Oscar too.

      Adam and Jox

      /Joelle 2004-12-31, 17:40

    5. Happy New Year, crazy kids! we miss you guys.

      /simon 2005-01-02, 14:45

    6. Whoa happy new year Oscar
      Are you in ulanBator Now?
      hope all is good with you
      despite everything else beeing fucked up!
      I’m in Paris swinging it with erik
      bon anuée!

      /jackass 2005-01-02, 18:21

    7. […] and what a super duper break it was. I spent a lovely week in Byron Bay, followed by 4 days on…oskarlin Blog Archive stud muffinstud muffin. i am now officially worth hitting on in russia! yesterday i decided to let my … Write […]

      /stud muffin 2010-04-04, 01:35

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