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  • power cut in russia

    4 januari 2005

    hey, i forgot to tell you (thanks marta!) but in irkutsk one night when we had a delicious dinner at the kalinka restaurant the power went out. since it was black outside it got black inside – i couldn’t see my food but after a while they found some candles. then power came back and five minutes later it went out again. back and forth for a while until it stayed on a bit longer. i loved it. the watress just shook her head and laughed and said ”russia”. she was cool. then the owner came and she was cool too, knew the owner of our hotel. biznes people know other biznes people. then we had to drink some ukraine pepper shots. strong, hot and good. very hot.

    when we later same evening went to the internet cafe the power went out again. and if we thought it was dark at the restaurant – this was darkness. we were in a basement without windows, so we left. and no diary that day.

    1 kommentar

    1. sounds like there was more to it..

      /marta 2005-01-11, 20:31

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