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  • third day in beijing

    5 januari 2005

    and we managed to leave the block! cross in the roof!

    cycling in beijing is usually the best way of moving around in the city, so today i decided to try it out. oscar bailed out and did cab style. born brat, always a brat. anyway, you can rent bikes from this hostel but of course not today, the bikes were broken. ”but there is another place you can hire from, another hotel!”, and they showed me on a map where it was. walked there and found out they had one bike. for once i was happy oscar didn’t join my weird excursions. the bike was a too small mtb with all parts loose = i was the slowest cycler on the streets of beijing. so far it was all right. cycled down to the tian anman square (himmelska fridens) and waited for oscar. met a chinese dude who wanted to improved his english because he was going to philadelphia or something. oscar came and we did the forbidden city. when we entered it the sky opened and after a few minutes the whole city was white from snow and i thought, ”oh, fuck! why did i choose to cycle today?!”

    well after a few hours in horrible department stores and ticket booking for shanghai (friday afternoon) i took the bull by the horn and rode home. one hour and four minutes later i arrived to the hostel and decided to take a shower – i was wet! and i realised what he toilet/showter smelled like. i knew i had felt that smell before! yes! it smells of old bladder wrack (blåstång) together with a lot of shit. lovely.

    my left achilles’ tendon are still acting weird (started aching in irkutsk), and i don’t like it at all! it hurts and are not being nice to me. i hope it will be better.

    we also invented a new restaurant concept inspired by the chinese concept of a hot jar with water and stock. you take your own (well you order them) ingrediences and put them in the poiling water and then eat it. our plan was to open a microwave oven restaurant. super cheap meals! the restaurant is round and the staff are in the middle. you sit on a bar round it together with your own microwave oven. you order different dishes (gorby’s, billy’s pizzor etc) and microwave them yourself! what a concept!!!! don’t steal!!

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