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  • food, the chinese and snoaring

    6 januari 2005

    everytime i went to noodle king in london i thought, ”why are they giving out so big portions all the time? this can’t be good for you and it can’t be chinese. in china everyone is thin and good looking.” i was so wrong! after three days in beijing the smallest dish was like noodle king sized. the biggest, well think america! and also think cheap as chips! 12 yuan for a big noodle soup with tofu and vegetables, rice, salad and some miso-like soup. it’s so much food and it’s so good! worth mentioning is that the food came from the food court in a classy department store so the price on the street is probably half of that. oh man i am still so full.

    another thing, if russians are beautiful, then the chinese are C-U-T-E! man, everyone looks like a doll and you just want to squeeze them or kiss them or just take them with you! ok, that sounds a bit weird, but it’s true, they are sweet as baklava! i promise! i couldn’t believe it.

    3. snoaring. snoaring should be illegal. snoaring should be punished with nackskott. snoaring is way much worse for the surroundings than smoking, loud music or machines. snoaring is bad! snoarers should be fixed. once and for all. dammit. i hate it! maybe just because they are sleeping and dreaming about flowers and pearls while i am going half way to insanity! yes, we live in dorms. well only 6 of us but that’s enough. one person snoaring and you’re fucked. since i got here i have been forced to listen to my walkman on volume 5 which is the same volume i use in heavy traffic while cycling in london!

    2 kommentarer

    1. snoaring sucks!

      /martin 2005-01-06, 15:43

    2. snoaring sucks!

      /Lena 2005-01-09, 00:27

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