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  • No, come on, give me good price, we’re friends right?

    7 januari 2005

    Shopping in China is, if you look at it historically, not the first thing you think of when you visit the country. But as the new economy is based on cunsumption in China, it is a pretty big thing. I got my first taste of it two years ago when I visited the soutwest and west when I found all these amazing object around. Everywhere you went people tried to sell you these things that made no sense at all, they were just products, produced in this country by someone who needed something to do. There are now 1.3 billion people in china, yes, yesterday, the 1.3 bilionth kid was born. Anyways, all these people need something to do so they produce stuff. How about a the pen with a lighter that also flashes 2005? We got that one already but how about the classic toy cat in a bag that beeps when you press it? Or the numerous replicas of weapons, swords and stuff you see everywhere? Well, you name it and you got it, everything can be made and sold in China, it is fantastic! If you want a Rolex, the chinese make a just a good automatic one but with cheaper materials and sell it to you for not much at all. Same thing with any kind luxery goods. I am not going into what I bought so far but think the Beckhams on shoppingspree on Sloane St but fake. It is so much fun, I thought my mom was crazy when she went to Beijing ’for shopping’ and ended up setting up a new East-Indian Company. I knew there would be a market but this is insane!


    4 kommentarer

    1. i have to go to china

      /victor 2005-01-07, 14:47

    2. köp mig ngt snyggt brother!!!

      /maria carlson 2005-01-07, 17:39

    3. Hej Oscar!
      Kul att kolla sidan. Hörde om den igår hemma hos Corinna som hade avskedskaffe innan halvårdet i Växjö. hälsningar Leffe, Gustaf och Anne-Lie
      Vi kommer att kolla vidare rapporter!

      /Anne-Lie Karlehem 2005-01-08, 20:35

    4. Säger Godnatt från ett blåsigt och mörkt Stenhamra, var ute med nya familjemedlemmen Boss (irländsk setter 11 mån) just nyss och vi är kvällströtta. Vi har 10 + idag 8 januari verkar varmt. Hörde med sommargrannarna som är på Canaris San Augustin att de hade 16+ inte så stor skillnad. Vi hörs. Sköt om dig!

      /Anne-Lie Karlehem 2005-01-08, 20:39

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