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  • shang hai!

    8 januari 2005

    the shopping spree of beijing is over! hi shanghai! the business and fashion centre of china! but first, lets have a look at the last days in beijing:

    we finally made it to the 798 district in the north east part of the city. 798 is what shoreditch was 10 years ago. a big area that used to be full of factories built by germans (yes, some sovjet dudes hired bauhaus architects to build factories russian style, german style) but now of course just trash. well not really, there are still some factories running and there are a lot of laundry companies there. except for trash and washing houses there are galleries and studios. not millions but some. so now you know it, we were here first! the art in the galleries could have been better but you can’t really judge, this art scene is young!

    anyway, in one of the galleries we finally found the monthly guide to beijing. read about the clubs and found one that was supposed to play uk garage on thursdays. burraaappp!! but it was so far away so we settled for a club that were advertising in the mag. it was a small ad with big words: ”INDIE” and some women legs. oscar got all excited about those legs so we went there. but first we walked over to bus bar! a bar that looks like a bus! great concept. and once and for all no chinese music – american hiphop! only hits! and 80% of the crowd was black too! i loved it. loved it so much i ordered 2 long island ice teas for us. they did a good job, the drinks, that i said fuck you to a chinese guy on the streets later when we were trying to find the indie club.

    ok, four small chinese people screaming if i wanted to have a girl tonight. and they did different gestures like the doggystyle pose and when they started sucking off, i had it. and told one of them ”fuck you!” i don’t know when i said that last time but it felt gooood. they just stopped and was so shocked so i could walk away far before they realised what i said, and started shouting. anyway, we found the club and had some drinks. the staff looked like super mario! boys and girls. all super marios, except for the cap. met the club night owners, american and german. nice people!

    the day before shanghai train i took a cab to the russian district. imagine chinatown in london, but russian and in china! soo crazy! everything looks like russia! all signs in russian! even the street dudes selling thrash said starsvouche instead of HELLO LOOKIE LOOKIE! it was much more pleasant – they had style! everywhere they sold lord helmets and big fur coats. walked in to a huge department store only selling russian style clothing. like early 90s ”nice” clothing. because you see, no one in russia runs around in sportswear like we do. they dress proper and good. no sneakers! the problem with this department store was that it was like a russian one with tiny shops you had to walk into. from outside you couln’t tell what iut was inside which made it really strange and scary so i only entered two. out of 300 maybe.

    the train was amazing. the whole car was one big room with three beds on top of eachother in lanes of two. then a small wall. oh man i can’t explain it but it was cool! and we also had the chinese volleyball team in our car! they were taller than me! first tall chinese!

    we are here now and we are staying at captain’s! it’s a theme hostel where all rooms look like if you are in an old boat. amazing! this afternoon during sunset we did the tv tower and woah, it was good. then some dinner with room mates in a very nice district. a district without sky scrapers and coca cola. thank you. and the waitresses were the best. i loved them so much. epecially one girl that was had a scar from burnt on her neck. i could feel there was a overnatural link between my burned/thrashed hand and her neck.

    also, correction. about using the word sweet about chinese. i meant sweet as cute. in swedish the word for cute and sweet are the same word. söt. so i accidently used the word sweet instead of cute. well

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