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    10 januari 2005

    hi! you know when the spring arrives and you think it’s so warm in the sun. and you take all your clothes off and just love the weather. and then the day after you have the worst cold ever. well, that happened to me. two days ago. it felt like summer (well it was above zero celsius) when we got to shanghai, so no more thick jacket for me, i thought and hung out only with a few fleeces but still gloves and hat though. but no, it wasn’t enough. when i woke up yesterday after our first real club dance night on our trip, i felt really weird. the body wasn’t doing what i wanted it to and after a two hours search for a mexican restaurant called taco popo without result i decided it was time for me to hit the sack and stay in the bed.

    had the weirdest trippin fever nightmares last night, it was so schizo! everything was double and no minds or thoughts made any sense. it just melted together to a big pot of black and white thrash! oh my! i was so exhausted when i woke up today so i didn’t leave the bed until 12.

    when i finally did, me and oscar went to go the fastest train on earth! the maglev train to the airport and back. 431 km/h!!! (267 m/h) it was so fucking amazing. and the infrastructure in shanghai rules! wroom wroom! tomorrow we are going to japan! with a boat. honk! honk!

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