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  • Make it look good…

    12 januari 2005

    One s self steem takes a painful fall when it arrives in Japan. If you think you re cool in in London or whereever in your freaky shoes or Supreme sweater but you can lick the soles of any kid on the street here because everybody is so goddam cool it hurts. I came last night from Shanghai with that fast thing called an airplane. (Oskar is till on a boat, I think he s done a third by now..) It was great, riding towards the cntre of Tokyo on a white stallion (read; bus), watching the flashing buildings grow bigger, SUPER! I finally found this capsule hotel, ok, that story is so long I’ll write it later cos my internet time is running out, it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. Today, I had to update my wardrobe instantly to be taken serious in this city. Maybe I shouldn’t move here because I would turn into that evil superconsumer I still strefuse to recognize that I actually am.

    Oscar Carlson

    1 kommentar

    1. Have a very very good time in Tokyo.
      I miss you soooooo much!


      /Anna-Lena 2005-01-12, 09:16

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