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  • tired

    18 januari 2005

    look at me, i am so tired! but i will still write some for you all. it’s been a while and i haven’t told you anything. so here it comes:

    last time i wrote for real, i was in shanghai, china. now i will tell you how i got here. i took a boat. the boat was not a major big ship like the ferrys we see outside our window in our small houses in the archipelago of stockholm. no this was a three floor ship with enough space to have conquered in a quick ten minutes. the room i stayed in was a big japanese style room for 36 people. the floor was just a big bed and people slept all over the place. yes, most of them just slept all the time. me too, as much as i could because i had fever. yes i was sick as a fuck. but not from the ocean though, like the dude close to me who vomited all the time. not in the toilet but straight where he slept – chinese style! chinese people make noises, all the time. japanese don’t. instead the japanese have millions of sounds around them instead, but more about that later.

    the boat ride took two days and when i was going off the boat in osaka i started talking to a japanese dude from yokohama. (i saw him earlier on the boat ride playing a flute outside) he was also going to tokyo and asked if we should hitch hike together. i sayed ”of course”! and joined him. he had never hitchhiked before but he was very keen on doing it. we went straight into the city of osaka and bought big piece of paper and a marker and wrote ”east” and ”tokyo” in japanese on the paper. we went to a big street and started looking for cars. it was impossible. i told him that you have to go to the outskirts of the city so we asked a man where a good spot might be and he knew one. we took the subway out and had to walk a long way before we found the entrance to the high way. after a long long while we got ride with a woman who was going to kyoto. not really the best direction but we joined anyway. during the ride it started to get dark so she proposed that we should join her home and sleep there and continue the day after. we decided to say yes and said yes.

    but first we had to eat she said, and took us to a small rolling sushi in the middle of this huge suburban area. it was so good and so nice and man they forced me to eat every fish in the sea, including things that weren’t even fish! i ate it all and when my pile of plates reached the ceiling (almost) the lady insisted to pay for the whole meal. holy smoke that was nice. thank you!

    then on our way home she told us her sister worked on a spa nearby and if we wanted we could go there for free, and we did. and hell, what a place! when i got inside the pool area i could hardly see my feet, it was so much water in the air. the room had 10 pools with different temperatures and contents (tea, etc)! and there was also an outdoor pool! oh my it was so nice. then afterwards we realised that the woman hadn’t taken a bath, instead she had gone home and fixed beds for us so when we got home it was all there. japan, i love you, i thought. then some snacks around the kitchen table together with her doughter. it was so nice.

    when we woke up the day after the biggest breakfast ever was waiting ofr us in the kitchen. first a corn soup. and while we ate it, the woman was frying vegetables, mushrooms and egg. that we had after the soup. then toast. then some youghurt with blueberry jam. tomato juice to drink. then some other type of bread. yeah, the list goes long. man it was so nice.

    well, instead of hitching we decided to take thet train to tokyo and she gave us a ride, of course. unreal. the train ride was a bit dull, because it took the whole day – we did not ride the shinkansen (expensive as hell), instead we took local trains, like pendeltåg. and we scammed the system! you change trains all the time but you never go outside the borders. we bought a ticket for just one stop but continued to ride all the way to tokyo, five trains alltogether i think. then when i got to tokyo i said i lost my ticket and had to pay a fee, 400 yen which is like 30kr/£2. wohoo! otherwise it would have costed millions.

    darn they are closing apple store now. have to go. bye!!

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    1. Fuck you look like shit! Hope you feel better. Miss you! Puss puss

      /Andreas 2005-01-18, 16:13

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