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  • candy king

    20 januari 2005

    ok, my name is contrast.

    during the whole trip in sleazy (food wise) russia i never ate any candy, except for an occasional piece of chocolate. i ate lots of fruit and nuts and i was so good! but then something happened.

    i arrived to tokyo. suddenly all food was so healthy – the grease and sleaze was all gone and there were no fat or sugar as far you could see. this turned me into a monster with some kind of sugar abstinence so i started eating shitloads of candy and pastries! and now i can’t stop! today i was slightly better, i only had a big bar of white chocolate and a bag of american cookies. another bad habit is that i can’t pass a small minimarket shop ala seven eleven without entering it and look at all products, and at aprox 50% of the time i buy something. this is killing both me and my pocket (that used to be) full of money.

    met some nice people tonight. they were friends of sam, the swiss guy some people know him as the dude with the projector. he hook me up with some nice japanese dudes. we had excellend dinner and the traditinonal photo shoot in a booth. i can never remember what it’s call but you know what i am talking about.

    have i told you about the temerature in this flat? it is the same as the outside temperature. and since we came here it has been between 5 and 10 degrees celsius. so for every breath you take there is a nice clowd and during night i sleep fully dressed in a big sleeping bag with two big blankets on top. it’s just about enough. funny that the warmest place on the trip also has the coldes inside temperature. but i really enjoy it here in seijo – the beverly hills/kensington/djursholm of tokyo. super rich people driving non japanese cars. volvo is popular. in the supermarket near by the most expensive melon costs around 100 dollars, the cheapest, maybe 20.

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